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However, I currently have Java 7 installed from Oracle which supersedes 6 which was managed by Apple and is no longer offered on the latest Mac OS X versions. But in the header there's "Custom Tone". I'm not at home with my X3 Live to check, but I did install Monkey and I don't recall it including an option to install GearBox, Line6 Edit, or any other obvious software to help me out with this.

Perhaps you have an older version of Monkey? I haven't used an x3 in a long time, but gearbox was always presented as an option.


However, I could manually select Gearbox form the product list in downloads and obtain it there, seems to be working fine. I too can not get the software to run on a MAC due to a Java error.

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Judging by the date of the last post, I guess there isn't a solution for the MacIntosh Issue. I will be the first to admin, I am new to using Line 6 products and for the most part I am trying to follow the Line 6 instructions, which are not without there own challenges. Since the instructions don't mention Gearbox, I did a search on it. I didn't see any references to gearbox in any of the instructions, but I did a search on it. It sounds like a decent product although I not sure exactly if it replaces workbench From the site it would seem that it is only available for Windows XP, Vista Win7 and Win8. Based on the frustration I have experienced this evening, it looks like the best route is to abandon the Mac and did out an old PC and start trying that. Maybe you compiled a library on Mac OSX and got this error message when trying to use it in Processing:.

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Java for macOS installs the legacy Java 6 runtime for macOS Mavericks, macOS Mountain Lion, and macOS Lion. Java for macOS installs the legacy Java 6 runtime for macOS macOS Yosemite, macOS Mavericks, macOS Mountain Lion, and compatibility for Java SE 6, J2SE and J2SE on Mac OS X and later.

Note: Until 1. Starting with 1. The utility tells you that you can drag the JRE to change the preferred order.

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However, if you do so, quit the app and launch it again, you will notice that your changes have not been saved. We have to do it another way. There you will find a file called "jdk1.

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If you ever need 1. Now try "java -version" again and you should get something like :.

Install Java in OS X Mountain Lion

Developers should move to a newer version of Java as provided by Oracle. The installer creates a shortcut to DrJava on the desktop. Applications or features that depend upon Java 6 may not function properly or will not launch when Java 6 is removed. This is what it looks for me:. Name required. A window appears that says "Installer is trying to install new software. It will re-download, install, and configure Checkstyle, Findbugs, DrJava, and our textbook libraries.

Replies 2. I downloaded the program, installed it and moved the Java jdk1. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Separate Linux tag from Unix. Linked Related 7.

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