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Is 9 dollars really too much to pay for a short, simple game that still provides 2 hours of excellent entertainment? You could buy a cheap dinner for that much which would only last 20 minutes! I just bought the game on Steam but frankly, the cancer joke on the demo? A bit crass, almost made me not buy it. Yeah, that was certainly not intended and I do apologize to anyone I offended. I removed it right away, and it will be live along with other fixes in a couple days. Great potential for real sandboxing.. Especially max planets values.

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Lots of numbers we can play with here! Also maybe a confirmation to take the next stage of star. Like if i dont want to morph to large star just yet but i accidently swallow one last planet that put me over the edge. Just picked up the demo for Solar 2 on my xbox. Love it.

Both rated 5-stars aswell cause more people need to play these games. Id also buy the steam version if i owned a pc. Very relaxing and an addictive game systeme, very Nice graphics too and i m really impressed by your gravitation code simulation. Anyway fantastic work Thanks. Your game is not possible to download on steam, and it is not only me who is having this problem.

Other games work fine but yours do not want to start downloading. Found your game last night on steam while I was at work, went home and downloaded the xbox demo — bought it almost immediately! Really awesome. I played it for 3 hours this morning instead of going to sleep! My only disappointment so far is the lack of the galaxy intermediary step… you go from a solar system to a black hole.

Getting a spiral galaxy going would be ultimate. Maybe you can find a way to make it work? I just buyed it on steam. Great game! But it would be nice to be able to configure the controls. I would like to play it with my Xbox Controller. Great improvements all around. However, there are a few small differences in the PC demo that I noticed are different in the Xbox version.

On the PC version, you can choose to show orbits and the velocity of your system, would it be possible for Xbox users to have this option as well?

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Some dwarf planets, moons, satellites and asteroid belts are also missing but in general, the level of detail is superb. Brenden R. First you can try closing your Steam client then reopening it, as that seems to fix issues when reverting to demo. Jibba says:. NET pre-installed. RunLoop at Microsoft. Be able to fly around freely and do whatever you want.

Maybe an option to toggle this on or off in the Start menu. Due to the price discrepancy I do have to give the PC users some bonus features! Not quite. The line drawing code is a bit intensive and crunches the Xbox CPU quite a bit. But yes, this is for commercial reasons. There will be plenty of free updates, until I believe the game is truly done. The above update will come to Xbox in about a week. All updates will probably come to Xbox eventually except PC specific things but due to the slow and annoying update process on Xbox it will be between weeks behind the Steam version, which I can update instantly.

I stumbled across Solar 2 in the Xbox Indie store and really enjoyed it. I look forward to the update! I just discovered solar 2 today being sold on steam. I played the demo for about 2 hours and loved every second of it! Is there a Solar2 wiki up yet? Or a forum? One was too hard with the life forms trying to kill you! Also there is my guide for beating the missions, hope it helps! And like Solar 1, you have to beat the game to unlock them! I mean, the stars come flying in two lines around you, what exactly am I supposed do?

Am supposed to fly in the same direction or the opposite direction? And how long do I do it? All you have to do is not die! You can beat that mission very easy if you think laterally about it. That mission is hard as hell. Straight forward when explained? I tried turning into a black hole while fighting him but he just left without saying anything. Was debating whether paying for the full version of this altho enjoying the demo I was having doubts as for long term value. But great little game. Keep up the good stuffs. Where is it hidden hmm.. Well, in shooters or racing games having a really wide setup is really useful to see more on your sides.

But Solar 2 is a top down game, and the ideal monitor is a square monitor so you can see equally in all directions! I like your idea of upgrading the life on your planets. I think there should be an achievement for reaching kills just as a life planet. Maybe I will add an achieve for that in the next update. Yay Favourite pasttime atm: Bobbing around as a single planet racking up kills. Would give opportunity to those who want slower development of life and combat efficiency, without scaring off more casual players as they can leave it off.

Where should I upload it so French people could obtain it? Email me at jay murudai. HOWEVER I am currently doing a lot of changes with how missions are structured so more can be unlocked sooner, and there is quite a few changes from the current language file. I am trying to finish the asteroid missions, but accidentally became a planet. If I go below 20 mass, it kills me. How do I do the last asteroid mission?

Reset all progress? Do you have any idea exactly when the update for xbox is coming out? Xbox update will come out in weeks.

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I purchased your game on Steam a few days ago. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Pingback: Solar 2 Review Grelik's Gaucherie. Very fun and relaxing.

Kudos to you for making such a great game by yourself. I hope you sell lots of copies. When you become a black hole, sometimes when planets are flung around you, they have a trail of red mist or fire behind them. I love mucking around with black holes lol. The only problem I have encountered is that I have an 8 star system which I saved to one of the slots. Every time I attempt to look at the slot, it crashes the game instantly. Sorry for the quick post. The game now simply crashes as soon as I press start. So just hang tight, I am trying to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Hello, i just bought this game through steam. NET versions are supported, does it work with mono and some information about how the installer behaves works, it said to me that i had. NET installed even though i know i do not, so how does it check that? NET installer comes up anyway due to a problem with the Steam installer. You need. Hello, bought Solar 2 on steam today and had some real fun.

Now, I know youre occupied fixing the problems and so forth. I had the crazy idea that making it possible for people to mod this would be awesome…. These are no demands! The game concept is awesome. Solar 4, 5, 6 give me give me. As well as more advanced civilizations that will eventually develop incredibly strong, and unique weapons and abilities. But when I want to save my 21st stars, the game crash. Anyway, this game is very fun, relaxing, and so original. The price is good for it. There is lots of more expensive crap on XBLA. Keep it up! First, your game is amazing and Im really addicted to it BUT, could you please tell me why is it so incredibly hard to complete the last misson for asteroid — avoiding the stars for 20 secs?

Screen is too close, there is low time to react and the stars fly too fast. All other missions even for star are done, quite easy in my oppinion, but this one….. Or is there some way how to make it? I repeated it so many times that Im gettin angry. In fact, this mission is not as hard.

But i got some questions : what are you going to add in the game? Will be a multiplayer or co-op game? Pingback: Solar 2.

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Solar 2. Dynamic abstract sandbox universe. Changes and evolves as you do. Download PC Demo. Single- Title: Solar 2 Mac OS X. Solar 2 is an open-world, sandbox game set in an infinite abstract universe. Play constructively: grow your system, nurture life on your planets and attack enemy life in huge space battles. Play destructively: crash into other objects and cause chaos, use your orbiting objects like.

I just got this game a few days ago on Steam while it was on sale. Solar 2 is awesome and easily worth the full price. I like it when things just happen, for better or worse for whatever object you happen to be at the time. It makes it feel more suspenseful and real.

The humor is good, and the music is great. And just a very small amount. Sometimes I try to let my planets keep a few asteroids floating around them to be moons, but they usually end up hitting another planet or asteroid. Not a big deal though. Bought this yesterday, both for me and a friend who had it on his Steam wishlist. I was very pleased with it. It was so good, I almost felt guilty getting it so cheap Steam summer sales and all that. I would have liked to see multiplayer as well. Two or more friends sharing a universe and competing with eachother to become the largest, or simply fooling around together, would have been awesome.

Maybe in Solar 3? Very good game, love the physics and the overall concept. When can we expect a multi-player version? Star system combat with friends would be huge fun! Just one problem… Often, I finding a multi-star system bigger than mine :p Nice job. Jay Watts, could you make an multiplayer upgrade for solar 2? PS: i want to buy the full game you know like , some grab the bag or grab the planet :-P king of the hill king of the BLACK HOLE… dont get eaten by your own hill… 0-O star slayer… spaceships slayer free mode multiplayer… thank u for your attention.

Online multiplayer is nearly impossible for indies to do except with slow games, like RTS and turn-based but this is such an unusual concept it makes it even harder. The first game I started working on after I finished Solar 1 was a game like that, with cells and growing in a big cell environment. It would be cool if there was a form of online multiplayer. Like, you and your friends could help each other and if you were a planet and your friend was a star you could protect them with your life.

Also you could do missions together. Or you try to blow your friend up. Pingback: Solar 2: ovvero come diventare lo RE del Cosmo! Is there any hope at all of it being ported to PS3? Shame about the ps3, but mobiles would be a great platform too, in which case Android first please. Yes, please, for Android. But please make it available to Kindle Fire HD Owners, as well — maybe sell the apk directly using paypal or something? So, I played for a few hours Steam version and got through to the end, and so I started messing around with the respawn as a system option to take on some missions and started building a multi star system.

Saved my progress and quit. What the hell is going on? First you can try closing your Steam client then reopening it, as that seems to fix issues when reverting to demo. Well, restarting Steam seemed to fix the problem. Save files — ok.

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Stats — ok. Starting — ok. Will there be a Linux port? Your game have huge potential, work improving your planet life phase and random ai to make decisions. Pingback: Solar 2 - Deutsches Sprachpaket gesucht. Pingback: Dream. Play Winners Announced!! Pingback: Congrats to the Dream. Play winners! Pingback: Ecco i vincitori del Dream. Play — Indie Vault. I suspect it could be. If nothing is working, email me at jay murudai. This one is addicting. Just like Tasty Planet Though I find that the missions are some what difficult?! How I cancel it?

But the game is good. Yeah, they are quite difficult! They are all quite possible, you just need to do them the right way! I have one more question. One more — it would be cool for new and harder ships for different levels of XP. For ex. I liked very much the stage cool 2. LMAO 3. Brilliant game, great concept. I too would have hoped for more scale, I was hoping to get stars revolving around my black hole etc. I have a BSc in physics and this game satisfied a lot of problems I thought I might have.

I found myself not really bothering with the missions and prefered to build a cluster of stars and planets, then proceed to take my armada to new solar systems. There is room for improvement as far as the graphics are concerned. Please invest in Solar 3. Pingback: IndieCade finalists announced — GamingAngels. Pingback: IndieCade finalists announced! Gear-Fish Reviews. Pingback: Solar 2 - Digital Entanglement. Pingback: Solar 2 — Interview CtrlCrouch. The Steam version has a free demo, so download it and find out! Pingback: IndieCade Palette Swaps. Heh, yeah, the missions are really hard!

I wonder how high you can really go on number of stars. I got 6 so far. Looks like you can get at least 9. Solar 2 just ignores it. I can only use the keyboard. Most games, I install the pirated version, play for at most a few hours, and then delete. Then I noted how relaxed I felt when I played it, and how natural and human?

I enjoyed the soothing sounds of the soundtrack. I enjoyed the challenge of the missions. Then I played it a few more times over the next week, and each time experienced this relaxed-yet-engaged gaming sensation. A bit after that, I set the game up downstairs on the TV, and had fun watching my girlfriend play it for hours.

She built up an even more menacing and experienced system full of life planets in no time! And she was using a controller on the PC, which suggests that the Live version of your game is just as awesome as the PC version. So I registered for a Steam account and bought your game. It may be hard for me to justify to myself buying most games, but Solar 2 was a no brainer.

Needs multiplayer. Though I did feel pretty bad when I got attached to my planets, only to use them to bludgeon other solar systems into submission. Soundtrack is wonderful as well! It was the main reason I went and snatched the soundtrack. I really loved playing Solar 2 and am looking forward to experimenting more in this universe. Thanks for such a creative physics game. Very nice game. Too bad there is no Mac or iOS version. This game is great for iPad or Mac. Will this game be available for osx lion in the future.

If it was it would be great and i would definitely buy this game. But for now it is not and i only use MacBooks. Thanks for your time. Jay Watts you are now my idol. Great game and again I vote for multiplayer! But not for simple multiplayer, which can be made relatively easy because single host can manage physics for several players , but for MMO. This will require much more computational power as a whole, but players could play without hosting games themselves. Just split universe into parallel unverses with limited wrapped space that will be hosted on different servers.

Make a Windows Live id and Gamertag registered in America. Just use an actual zip code that corresponds to a region in one of the states. Get a US microsoft point code from Ebay they must be of the region that your gamertag was created for. Redeem the code on your console using your US account. Note: Recently they have required that you fill in billing address info the first time you redeem a microsoft point code. Just enter a valid zip code as above , and its corresponding state. They require you to add a phone no. Keep your gt handy in case you change consoles and need to shift the licenses.

Addictive gameplay, great mechanics and a really Nice soundtrack make this a must own. Good job Jay! Solar 2 is just so much fun. I even got a friend hooked on it. This would be even more awesome if there was a multiplayer version, or something. Now we just brag about our starsystems on Skype. Pingback: Anonymous. I just finished going from an Asteroid to Big Crunch. The game play is addictive and I had a ton of fun. I love it, thank you so much for your hard work.

Really nice to come home from work, pour myself a large cocktail, and just get lost in this game. The music reminds me of waiting in line for space mountain at Disney. Kudos to you on a great game, you have a lifetime fan. Please make compatible with mac! Fantastic Game, Only one part that really annoys and thats the Hobo Star Award which i have been at over 70 hours and still no success. This award is pathetic and would say near imposible if not imposible, but other than that great game. Great information. But I have one question. This is probably one of the best indie games i has ever played in the existence of my LIFE!

I bet im not the only one to offer such an idea, but i think it would make the game more interesting and harder to play when there are people trying to kill you or helping you KILL!

I think this game is pretty amazing. With soundtrack, this unique universe became an art. Keep it up, boys! My brother recommended I would possibly like this website. He used to be totally right. This post actually made my day. First impression: I love the game so far. I usually support indie developers by buying their games. Why would anyone get the cracked game when you can have it for such a low price… 1.

Once my eyes were dry and I was falling asleep, it was still difficult to pull myself away. Do you have any recommendations? Oh and if there is going to be a mobile release, would it be iOS, Android exclusive? I would love a Windows Phone version or would that be too much work? Pingback: Test: Solar 2 Video. Pingback: Teden 7 — Kaj me veseli ta teden? Pol kozarca. Pingback: Humble Android Bundle 5!!! What little I got to play so far, I absolutely adore. I think my Galaxy Tab 2. I think it was actually the tablet.

You could try locking the rotation, see if that helps. I get a lot of strange issues on my android tablet to do with screen rotation. That solves most such weird orientation bugs. I think a lot of devices just have overly sensitive direction sensing systems. All I get is a blank black screen. Some kind of random glitch? Lack of processing power? Start it up and all you get is a black screen. It clearly does run on SOME devices, but what kind? What do you need to get the android version of this game working? Is it incompatible with something in particular?

Mali maybe? Pingback: UnixFAQ. Pingback: Humble Indie Bundle for Android 5. I grabbed this through the Humble Bundle. After seconds, he disappears and I just have a black screen after that. The only way to fix this is to force-close the game and reopen it. Why no IPod support? Bought the humble bundle hoping to play this game. What the fuck gives man? Looks fun. Fix it for android. Bought this with the humble bundle.

Instead of planets, I get nearly invisible rotating black squares. Perhaps the texture resolution is too high for low-end phones. Pingback: Humble Bundle with Android 5 Superlevel. Picked this up last night on Humble Bundle and had tons of fun with it while it worked properly. For whatever reason, though, when I have closed the application and later open it again, I get a black screen with music, then a vague space-y kind of background and the impression that touching the screen makes me move as normal.

Still, I think this warrants some more research. Hi Jay! I downloaded this from the humble bundle to my HTC desire c and it seems to be a bit heavy for this device. Any tips to play the game on minimal systems?

Pingback: Linux Install and Media Setup. Hello In translation strung. The stats are not in the German language version with Translated. Pingback: Game Review: Solar 2 Ausdroid. Hi, I have problems with solar on Xubuntu DrawElements OpenTK. DrawElementsType,intptr at Microsoft. DrawIndexedPrimitives Microsoft. PrimitiveType,int,int,int,int,int at Power. Draw Microsoft. SpriteSheet at Power. Matrix at Solar2. SpriteBatch at Solar2.

GameTime at Power. GameTime at Microsoft. DoDraw Microsoft. Tick at Microsoft. FrameEventArgs at wrapper delegate-invoke. RaiseUpdateFrame System. EventArgs at OpenTK. Run double,double at OpenTK. Run double at Microsoft. RunLoop at Microsoft. Run Microsoft. GameRunBehavior at Microsoft. Run at Solar2. Main string[] at wrapper runtime-invoke. Could not attach to process. No threads. This usually indicates a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries used by your application. Nothing has helped. Here is my HW: Display Orbital 2.

Thanks dude …. Pingback: Solar 2- Collect mass to build a badass solar system, then plow into other systems Rehash Last Year. Just have a couple of complaints, not really major complaints, more like minor annoyances. It would be really great if there was some way to figure out exactly what is happening, for example: I was playing earlier, had a 10 star system with 10 planets, but some of the stars were yellow others blue, why? And then consuming planets seemed to grow the individual stars… I was under the impression that it would be the system that grows, instead I spent an hour a bit more to be honest until all 10 stars were blue, but at that point I ran out of time.

The other thing is… the music is great, but after a couple of hours it starts getting really repetitive, some sort of an option to import my own tracks, or better yet a capability to hear net-radio through the game would be amazing. Other then that, awesome game… one of those endless time eaters, worse then MMOs in that sense. Pingback: Solar 2 Independent Geeks. Pingback: The Indie Project days of indie games. Really a great game! Ever planned to do a Solar 3?

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There are a lot of great things going on in this game. It makes me think of many possibilities for a future installment. Just one word.. This game dosent work on my galaxy s4 with android 4. Any chance we can get an official OUYA version? It sideloads and plays great except it is almost impossible to drag anything in the game using the touchpad. I would gladly buy it again if had full controller suport. Pingback: Juggling and Math Lino's blog. I bought the game via humble bundle and considering the amount of hours I have spent playing the game, it was definitely worth the money.

Finally I got a website from where I know how to genuinely take valuable information regarding my study and knowledge. I love this concept. Also graphics are great and easy to control. Congrats guys to make a game like this!

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I want to play it on my mobile phone. Unfortunately, it does not support Google Play Store. But I could not find an Android version there. Hey, devs! I would love to see that happen! I love the game, and have about 50 hours on steam, and I was wondering, is there any mod support? If there is, could someone point me in the right direction for them? How does this game should be played. Any help about how to play it? Pingback: Holiday Presale Fidgets2Widgets. Jay Watts you wouldnt want Solar 2 to fall in shambles just because Multiplayer not being in it, i mean so much demand!

Skip to content. Solar 2. Available through a bulletin board system BBS. Solar Eclipse Maestro has been used with success worldwide by over a thousand users and not only for solar eclipses. While bringing some extensions to the scripting language of the latest, my application uses nearly the same script file format to let users easily port their scripts between the two environments.

Moreover, my application brings quite a few new unique and innovative features. Brenden R. Guillaume C. Stephen V. Some heart stopping moments for us on Hikueru Atoll rained on us 20 minutes pre-totality so I was very grateful for SEM to take control when the clouds parted and totality arrived because my hands were shaking too much to operate a camera manually! What a marvelous piece of software. Constantinos E. I think that the software runs much faster than other eclipse like software.

The response is ultra fast with no lags! Philip H.