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I'll double-check though. How can i change teammate's health bar back to the cross and numbers on right like in this screenshot? Ratt the Glutton: This was removed in a previous update, but I'll add a customization so you can get it back in the next update. I'm having the same issue as shakez, could it be something on my end?

How do i change my healing color to green? In which folder? Thnks in advance :". Oh, nevermind, i got it. When i look at a team members name it doesn't appear. Is there a fix to this? Others have the hud functioning. What OS?

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How do i get one of the custom crosshairs? What is the deal with new item drops the notification when i enter a loadout it shows that i have a notification for it but when i click it nothing happens nor do i see the notification in the menu. And why is there no XP bar when the match finishes? The amount of xp i gain shows, but the XP bar does not show, only the medal. I'm not sure if it's a TF2 thing or a budhud thing. In either case, if you have a new item you should still be able to click on the TV icon on the main menu and it should pop up.

If you don't have a new item, it will just load the stream list. For your second question, this is unintentional behavior given how the EXP bar currently is set. I may be able to fix this in the future. How can i change the font? When viewing loadout, instead of rotating the class, it rotates them horizontally aka in a circle instead of round and round. Is this because of any update or what? I'm on Linux. Incorrectly displayed, the final board of points, the status of the casual level, the band of experience windows, The hud don't work for me for some reason i put it in the cutom file but it just show the normal TF2 hud.

Does it happen all the time for you? The whole rotating class thing wasn't actually built for the loadout menu, so I think a bug like that is bound to happen. Alcone: This will be fixed in the next update! Reverse: Have you checked out the installation instructions here? Can't switch between Competitive and Casual medals.

The cog is hidden to the top right of the medal on the main menu; it appears when you hover over it. Can u update the hud to automatically change the healing to green, im not used to see blue as a healing.. The Notsees: Interesting, are they pink? No they are a whitish color that blends in with the power meter but looks out of place because the coloring stands out random on edges and makes it hard to read and messes up my OCD. Wish I could send a screenshot to show you what I mean. Is there any way I can change the color manually?

This is an amazing HUD and I absolutely love it, thank you for all your work on this because it really makes my experience much cleaner. Hey, I have been using this hud for a few days. I couldnt help but mention that it always crashes my game 2 seconds into a server or game. I have made sure that it wasn't my config.

Please I would like to get a fix for it as I really like the hud. I haven't heard of anyone else yet having similar experiences, so I'm not sure what to tell you as of now unfortunately. Hello, I've recently downloaded the hud and it's really great and clean but I found a relatively small problem with it where a lot of the screen just goes white when I open the MvM upgrade menu, try to use the training mode or receive an alert.

Also, this is also very small, but I think the advanced options menu should have brighter text as it's a little hard to read.

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Thank you! SnIckerdoodle: Huh, that's quite strange. Does this happen all of the time, where it's a white background? Or every time one of these elements pops up? And I agree with you on the advanced options menu colors, I need to improve those. This always happens with only these specific things that I took screetshots of. These plus one that I forgot to mention, where it does the same thing with the time limit thingy.

I've added another screenshot with an example to the Imgur album that I'd linked in the previous comment. I've also noticed that other people using budhud, like Uncle Dane, don't have those issues. I've tried redownloading it but it didn't work and I don't really understand this sort of stuff very well so I don't know any other possible solutions.

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Thanks anyways. I'll add you to try and figure this out. No mater what I do I cant get any huds to work. I have tried everything I can find.

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Can you please help. Its a nice hud very clean and to the point i like the jackie chan thing you did there but i started to get nasty lag spikes when i play with this h U d. Nice hud, I enjoy it very much. But I have two problems. First of, I cant find the settings maybe Im just blind or so.

Second the scoreboard only shows 6 players per team and I dont know wether this is intentional or not. Ok I found the options and yep, I'm a dumbass. I need help with the crosshair colors when i try to get whayays crosshair to yellow instead of white my hud just becomes green or pink and i have followed the instructions but it still makes the hud green or pink..

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Ok, shit hud the fucking ammo count'n stuff some times just fuck don't show up?!? IAmBadman: hahaha, don't worry about it. What RGB values are you using?

Soggy Pretzel: Thanks for your thought-provoking and well formulated input, valued patron. I just pushed all of my latest file changes, maybe try reinstalling and seeing if it still happens? If it continues to happen: when does it disappear? Hey, this is by far my favorite hud. And if yes could you make a customization file to make them like they used to. Or maybe it is an issue on my end. Thanks in advance. When i have the hud installed, the Style button won't drop down so i can pick the different style of my cosmetics, i don't know if anyone else is having this problem so.

What OS are you on? Do you have other lingering hud files in your custom folder that could be causing the issues? Hello, Whisker.

TF2 Content GCF missing

I'm going to be frank. I absolutely LOVE this hud, but there's one problem with it.

How to Install HUD's for TF2 on Mac

The payload progress bar s [objectivestatusescort. Originally, I thought "I'll just grab the files from another hud that looks good" But I quickly realized it doesn't work like that. It still gets the same "style" even if shaping it differently. If you could either A Do a brief summary on the files I should be directed to, or B Link me to a place where I could get a better description. If you want to get the old payload icons, you'd have to: 1.

Whisker, you've made an awesome hud and I love it. Not even the loading screen.

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I already tried uninstalling and deleting the TeamFortress file. Or if steam crashes i have to validate the files and i lost 5 hours of playing. Ok so every time I try to launch TF2, for some reason it decides to "Validate Steam files". It doesn't take to long, so it just sounds like a mild.

I'm using windows 10 with mastercomfig 6. Any ideas? If I were to want to change the background, how would I do that? Sorry, but i am not a fan of the new graphics for gamemode indicators like the payload cart at the bottom of the screen, is there any way i could disable those new graphics but still keep everything else the same? Pretty good, just annoying how the map name covers the stats whilst loading into a game.

Be aware that most new laptops come with two graphics processors and Garry's Mod may be using an internal one which is used for your display and video playback, etc to save on power. To fix that you will need to force Garry's Mod to use your dedicated graphics processor. Steps for this depends on the manufacturer of your dedicated graphics card, you can find the information about this on their official website or on YouTube.

Sometimes this error with popup when either one or more of your game files are missing or some other application installed some files into wrong directories. It is possible that some other symptoms or start up crashes can be fixed by this. To fix this problem, you first should try Verifying Integrity of Game Cache.

June 11, 2014 - TF2 Team

See above for steps to do that. If that doesn't help, keep reading. In some cases, applications you install will put specific files that Garry's Mod uses into the Windows folder. In order to run Garry's Mod, those files must be deleted or renamed.

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It also describes a workaround that is untested in Dota 2. At the disk map error, select the hard drive which has Steam installed and choose Copy Disk from the left action panel. Womble Hey, this is by far my favorite hud. Just deleting the appmanifest files, without downloading replacements from a third party, may work as well! NGin TF2SP When viewing loadout, instead of rotating the class, it rotates them horizontally aka in a circle instead of round and round. Learn More.

Do not worry, this will not have any negative side effects on your PC or those applications. Some AMD graphics card users reported that enabling following setting in the control panel solved the issue for them:. This will cause problems like The game freezing on "Finished" on the start up screen. The -autoconfig launch option will allow Steam to configure Garry's Mod with the best settings for use on your machine. Now Garry's Mod will run in a window instead of full screen. To undo this, simply repeat the steps and remove the -sw launch option.

List of basic screen resolutions. Try one per each try, and remove anything you have added into the launch options if all tries are unsuccessful. You can also put any custom screen resolution or the screen resolution of your monitor , the -w parameter starts for width, and -h for height, both in pixels. All parameters are separated with a space, for example:. It is also a good idea to put -window parameter in there to start the game in a window and a -noborder parameter to hide the border of the window.

Sometimes something might cause the game to load a different DirectX version.