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You could even set up your own subscriptions using the 'Local RSS' feature and create a feed from your transcoded files to share with your friends There is a bug in builds prior to 4. Starting with version 4.

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In the 4. Because the PS3 or the Xbox is reading the content from the computer running Vuze, your playback experience will be impacted by the quality and speed of the network between your computer and your device.

Enable Media Streaming on Playstation 3 using Vuze

If you are planning to run in this configuration, you may get a better playback experience by selecting "SD" in the "Media Conversion" options. Once your device is listed in the left navigation pane under the Devices entry, you can make content available on your device by selecting it in My Library and pressing the "Convert" button in the toolbar, or by simply dragging it and dropping it onto the "Devices" entry or on the actual device entry.

Vuze and Xbox 360 question.

You can also drag and drop content from anywhere on your computer using Windows Explorer, for example to the Device tab. For iTunes, Vuze will launch iTunes when the conversion is complete and will push the content into your iTunes Library. From there you can transfer it to your Apple device. For Xbox or the PS3, while your Vuze is running, navigate to the Vuze media server to view your content.

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Rather than copying content to your device for playback you can access it via any web browser via the currently very basic 'Local RSS Feeds' feature. Then go to your device and browse to.

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Some devices support folders so that instead of one huge list of files being displayed you can structure your content to make navigation simpler. TO do this for your Vuze content you need to use 'Categories' and, coming soon, Tags as well. Why is Vuze collecting statistics about device usage? To be honest, adding device support to Vuze is a complex undertaking. That's why we're launching it as a "beta" in the first place, and frankly, we need your help in order to get it right.

By using the feature and providing us with feedback you can help us make this feature really amazing. But by letting us collect statistics about what is being used and how well it's working, without any effort on your part you're providing us with some of the most important information we need to fix problems and improve our calculations. We are constantly striving to improve the Vuze Platform and the Vuze user experience.

Learning more about how you use Vuze, particularly new features, helps us decide what to fix, what to build and how to prioritize future improvements. What data would Vuze be collecting about my device usage? We will not be gathering any data regarding particular content users may be watching or downloading, or the sources of such content.

How to easily stream videos from Vuze to Xbox 360?

How does Vuze actually collect anonymous statistics? What will happen if I choose not to let Vuze collect anonymous statistics? If you choose to disable the collection of device statistics, we won't make those tracking web calls. All other device functionality will continue to be fully available.

source site Of course, this also means that information rearding your use of features and other information that could be used to improve the product will not be included in our data collection, and therefore will not be considered by us in making future product development decisions. Check the PlayStation knowledge base at Playstation support. Check out the Xbox knowledge base at XBox support.

More devices may be added in the future but no decisions have yet been made on which ones, TorrentFreak was told.

Once device support is turned on in Vuze, users can drag and drop downloaded video onto their device of choice. The device support is a great feature for users who want to have an easy all-in-one solution that not only downloads video, but also makes it ready to play on other devices.

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Although Vuze has been focusing mainly on video lately, the client can still download other content as well. It is good to see that Vuze is using the feedback from its users to improve their client, although it is impossible to please everyone and some may still prefer a more lightweight client.

Import Vuze Downloaded Files

That said, the Vuze all-in-one solution will especially appeal to novice BitTorrent users, but even for the most die-hard users the new features will make a great addition. Add yours? Drag and Drop to convert video and transfer it to any device.